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Are you buried under paperwork?
Are your Excel worksheets just about maxed out?
MSC-LIMS is the solution.

Not so fast. What is a "LIMS"?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software designed to electronically store laboratory data. It is the accepted standard for data storage and retrieval throughout the analytical laboratory industry. Though each commercially available LIMS has different features, in general a LIMS allows you to "log" a sample into the system, and record and retrieve test results electronically.

Oh. No thanks; we keep all our laboratory's data on paper right here in this cabinet...

File cabinet"Paper records are easy to manipulate", but soon even the smallest lab accumulates a vast amount of records. Maintaining extensive data may be no problem UNTIL...

...then your staff expends hours searching, compiling and formatting reports from a stack of paper records. MSC-LIMS is a secure database. All of your lab's data - even historic data - is immediately accessible and can be reported in graph or tabular form. Now that's efficient.

"Paper records in hand are reassuring", UNTIL...

Fortunately, MSC-LIMS data can be backed up periodically onto portable media, such as CD-ROMs or tapes, and stored in a safe location of your choosing, away from theft or fire. Now that's secure.

No thanks, I have a fast typist on staff and we don't mind duplicate data entry...

When your most efficient data entry expert is manually duplicating entries or cutting-and-pasting from place to place, you know that their valuable time is being squandered. And even the most meticulous data entry expert finds that increased duplication creates a corresponding, increased risk of error.

With MSC-LIMS, you enter each piece of information only ONCE. Because it is a "relational database" the software itself references information from the original entry to other screens where it is required. Even corrections are only made once. This reduces the risk of error and the time spent on data entry. Your employees can turn their valuable talents to better use.

No thanks, we use tried-and-true Excel spreadsheets to store and report our data...

Workbook sheetsMany labs' Excel workbooks require repetitive data entry to get from sample login, to results entry, to reporting, to invoicing. Even the most thorough workbooks require manual compilation for trending and reporting across active spreadsheets and historic or unusual data.

Still, Excel is an excellent tool, and MSC-LIMS is a useful enhancement. With its unique integrated Excel interface, MSC-LIMS data can be immediately exported to your existing Excel templates for reporting in any format. You can keep all of your Excel report formats, and still reap the benefits of a tried-and-true LIMS.

No thanks, we can't afford a quality LIMS...

Even the smallest lab can afford a single-user Annual Subscription license. It's a low-cost no-risk solution when MSC-LIMS meets your needs "out of the box."

Now I understand the advantages of LIMS, but why MSC-LIMS?

MSC-LIMS is intuitive

MSC-LIMS consists of five "modules" that are accessed from a tab-style Main Menu: Samples, Notebook, QC, Setup and Admin. Click on a tab; each menu is organized by topic. A simple mouse-click selects an option from the Data Entry/Inquiry, Reports, or Action/Other submenus.

Main Menu

Use options on the Samples menu to progress logically from sample login, to results entry, to reporting.

Like all other MSC-LIMS data entry screens, the Sample Login screen features data entry fields and pull-down pick lists populated with YOUR lab's data. Enter your sample. Click Save Sample, and MSC-LIMS presents the analyses you've assigned to the Project, and a unique Sample ID Number. Now print bar-coded containers labels, or go to the Notebook tab to print Work Sheets or Bench Sheets for the Sample. It's that easy.

Sample Login

You can enter results by Sample or by Analyte. To locate your sample or samples, query by Sample ID, Project, Location, Sample Type, Date, or any combination of sample characteristics.

Results Entry by Sample

Enter results by tabbing into the active fields and typing. MSC-LIMS alerts you if your result exceeds the limits you've set for each analyte. Then, click to print a Sample Summary or other report in the format of your choice.

MSC-LIMS is user-friendly

MSC-LIMS Version 3.0 includes a detailed, step-by-step Quick Start chapter. Quick Start accompanies the new user on a painless tour of MSC-LIMS, taking the mystery out of the system and introducing the highlights of day-to-day data entry and reporting. Using a "here's what you do next and here's why" approach, Quick Start guides a series of examples from login to logical conclusion.

Loaded with Notes, Tips and techniques, and numerous hyper-linked cross-references to the User's Guide text, Quick Start is a valuable tool to all users of MSC-LIMS.

MSC-LIMS is complete

All normal lab procedures may be accomplished within MSC-LIMS: single sample or batch log-in, results entry by sample or analyte, sample summary reports and other reporting options such as Excel reports, invoicing, scheduling instrument maintenance, and recording employee certifications.

MSC-LIMS is flexible

Current MSC-LIMS installations include water and wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing, and petrochemical applications. Configure options in MSC-LIMS' Setup Menu to achieve optimal performance for your lab. MSC-LIMS adapts to meet your needs.

System Setup

MSC-LIMS is affordable

MSC-LIMS is available under either a Full System license, which includes all source code, or a low-cost non-source code Annual Subscription license. Both licenses are available in single- or multi-user versions, and may be purchased with optional on-site installation and training. See the price list for details.

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