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Technical Support and Version Updates

Unlimited Technical Support

Each MSC-LIMS license includes a full year of unlimited technical support services and version updates. We believe our software is both user-friendly and intuitive. However, we also understand our software's flexibility adds complexity and system startup and configuration may require assistance. For these reasons, we offer unlimited technical support services to guarantee success.

Technical support includes telephone support, fax and email correspondence, report and spreadsheet templates and examples, code excerpts and other technical assistance, and access to our online Customer's Only pages. In essence, technical support provides the services required for a successful implementation. We provide 24-hour response during normal business hours for all technical support requests.

Annual renewal of technical support is available.

Online Support Options

Technical support also includes access to the Customer's Only pages of the website. The pages allow MSC-LIMS users access to the Knowledge Base, an extensive collection of detailed technical articles covering specific aspects of the system. The File Library includes downloadable documentation, executable version updates, and useful Excel templates. The Customers Only pages also offer archived MSC-LIMS Insights newsletters, and the Upload File option allows customers to send us files which may be unwieldy or difficult to email.

Version Updates

Version updates include minor updates with new features and bug fixes. Major upgrades such as upgrades to a newer version of Microsoft Access are also included.

Annual Renewal

All licenses include technical support: An Annual Subscription license includes all technical support and version updates through the subscription year. The first year's technical support and version updates are included with all Full System licenses. Annual Subscription licenses can be renewed annually, and support for Full System licenses can be extended annually, for subsequent years. See the Price List for details.

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