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Press Releases

01-Apr-2020 MSC-LIMS Celebrates 25th Anniversary
13-Dec-2018 MSC-LIMS Advances to SQL Server with Version 5.0
10-Dec-2015 MSC-LIMS Version 4.1 Refines Automated Messaging
01-Apr-2015 MSC-LIMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary
01-Jan-2013 MSC-LIMS Version 4.0 Features New Report Export Options
01-Apr-2011 MSC Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
10-Nov-2010 MSC-LIMS Version 3.3 Adds Sample Login from Excel
01-Apr-2010 MSC-LIMS Celebrates 15th Anniversary
25-Sep-2008 MSC-LIMS Version 3.2 Adds New Login and Label Tools
12-Aug-2006 MSC-LIMS Version 3.1 Refines Sample Login
31-Mar-2006 MSC Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary
01-Apr-2005 MSC-LIMS Celebrates Tenth Anniversary
30-Dec-2004 Software Demo Reveals All: MSC-LIMS 3.0 Demo Unveils New Features
10-Jun-2004 MSC-LIMS Version 3.0 Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
22-Mar-2004 MSC-LIMS Now Available for $500
25-Jul-2002 MSC-LIMS Version 2.3 Presents Enhanced System Flexibility
01-Jul-2002 MSC-LIMS Six-Month Trial Version Now Available
01-Sep-2001 MSC-LIMS Annual Subscription License Now Available
01-Dec-2000 MSC-LIMS Automated Messaging Simplifies Data Transfer
11-Dec-2000 MSC-LIMS Version 2.2 Introduces Automated Messaging
01-Jan-2000 MSC-LIMS Version 2.1 Improves User Interface
25-Jul-1999 Introducing MSC-LIMS Report Viewer
25-Mar-1999 MSC-LIMS Version 2.0 Features Access 97
17-Jul-1997 MSC Releases MSC-LIMS Version 1.5
23-Aug-1996 MSC's New LIMS Aids Small Laboratories

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