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MSC's New LIMS Aids Small Laboratories

JACKSON, Wyoming—August 23, 1996—Mountain States Consulting, LLC announces the release of MSC-LIMS, an affordable laboratory information management system (LIMS) for small laboratories. Targeting laboratories burdened by paper-based records management, MSC-LIMS helps prevent lost or expired samples, provides efficient report, chart and statistics generation, and assists limited-personnel labs experiencing increased sample processing volume.

MSC-LIMS provides sample tracking, scheduling, and warning, quality control samples and control charts, method development, instrument and procedure lists and calendars, and employee training and certification records. MSC-LIMS also includes barcoding capabilities, bench sheet, work sheet and chain-of-custody generation, data access security roles, and EPA audit trail.

MSC-LIMS was developed using Microsoft Access® 2.0 Relational Database Management System for Windows. Minimum system requirements are a 486 PC, 16MB RAM, SVGA monitor and Windows 3.1. MSC-LIMS is available in single- and multi-user versions. Base system includes a single user license, barcode printer, laser scanner and one year technical support and software updates.

Founded in 1986, Mountain States Consulting, LLC provides a broad range of information systems consulting and software development services including design and implementation of complete turnkey commercial and scientific systems.

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