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MSC-LIMS Advances to SQL Server with Version 5.0

Jackson, Wyoming, December 13, 2018 - Mountain States Consulting, LLC, announces the release of MSC-LIMS version 5.0, an upgrade to its highly successful version 4.x. Migrating from its previous Microsoft Access back end database, version 5.0's foundation is now a Microsoft SQL Server back end database.

Labs of all sizes will benefit from the improved reliability, scalability, and security offered by the SQL Server database. Information technology departments will welcome MSC-LIMS' migration to SQL Server since many already employ and maintain this widely used database platform.

Users will appreciate the convenience of SQL Server's integrated Windows authentication, eliminating a separate LIMS login when starting the system. A user's Windows workstation login credentials now provides secured access to MSC-LIMS.

Finally, all example Excel templates used to import and export LIMS data have been upgraded from Excel 97-2003 xlt format to the newer macro-enabled xltm format.

MSC-LIMS is a complete laboratory information management system designed for small to mid-sized labs. For over 20 years, MSC-LIMS has helped water, wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing, materials testing, process control, and petrochemical laboratories maintain well organized, secure, instantly accessible and easily reported lab data.

Prices start at $750 per workstation per year for MSC-LIMS' Annual Subscription License. A detailed price list, product literature, case studies, and the MSC-LIMS Demo are available at

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