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MSC-LIMS Version 4.1 Refines Automated Messaging

Jackson, Wyoming, December 10, 2015 - Mountain States Consulting, LLC, announces the release of MSC-LIMS version 4.1, an upgrade to its highly successful version 4.0. The new version builds on its predecessor's efficient user interface, providing customer information displays, new analysis report specifications, and more flexible automated messaging.

Commercial labs will appreciate additional configuration options for automated customer emails. The message style and recipients may now be defined for each LIMS project. Automated emails with multi-page PDF reports can now be created from multiple-worksheet Excel templates.

Customer information displays with name, address, and contact information are now prominently positioned on all sample login and results entry screens. New freeform analysis report specifications simplify sample result reporting.

Other upgrades include quicker access to all sample results from the sample login screen, additional fields to aid sample selection, and support for XLTM format Excel templates.

MSC-LIMS is a complete laboratory information management system designed for small to mid-sized labs. For over 20 years, MSC-LIMS has helped water, wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing, materials testing, and petrochemical laboratories maintain well organized, secure, instantly accessible and easily reported lab data.

Prices start at $500 per workstation per year for MSC-LIMS' Annual Subscription License. A detailed price list, product literature, case studies, and the MSC-LIMS Demo are available at

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