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MSC-LIMS Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Unique Longevity

JACKSON, Wyoming - April 1, 2010 - Mountain States Consulting, LLC (MSC), developer of MSC-LIMS, is proud to announce the 15th Anniversary of MSC-LIMS, its successful laboratory information management system (LIMS) software. MSC continues to prosper, not only surviving but thriving through the boom and bust years of the dotcom era. A service-oriented technology firm, MSC continues to deliver proven solutions for labs of all types.

In the Beginning

When a small Wyoming municipal water/wastewater lab approached MSC for a custom software solution for their lab, the foundation for MSC-LIMS was set in place. The software's initial success encouraged continued development and MSC-LIMS was soon available commerically for other labs. Continuous suggestions and feedback from customers helped MSC-LIMS evolve into a viable solution suitable for a wide range of laboratories. Today, MSC-LIMS is implemented in water/wastwater, commercial environmental, petrochemical, food testing, material testing, and research laboratories around the world.


MSC-LIMS is a complete laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed for small to mid-sized labs. For 15 years MSC-LIMS has helped laboratories maintain well organized, secure, instantly accessible, and easily reported lab data. Prices start at $500 per workstation per year for MSC-LIMS' Annual Subscription License. A detailed price list, all product literature, and downloadable MSC-LIMS Demo are available at

About Mountain States Consulting, LLC

MSC, headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming, began in 1986 as an information systems consulting firm. Following the success of the first MSC-LIMS installation in 1995, its focus shifted to laboratory solutions. Today, MSC's only product is MSC-LIMS, and its services are devoted to helping clients successfully implement the system.

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