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MSC-LIMS Version 3.0 Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

JACKSON, Wyoming—June 10, 2004—Mountain States Consulting, LLC, announces the release of MSC-LIMS version 3.0, an affordable laboratory information management system (LIMS), which lowers total cost of ownership through its new Microsoft Office-independent installation software, new customization features, streamlined distribution of software updates, and new XML configuration files.

Developed with Access 2002, the new version's installation software completely isolates MSC-LIMS 3.0, preventing any conflicts with Microsoft Office installations. It installs cleanly on any workstation regardless of which version of Office is already installed. Future installs, reinstalls, uninstalls or upgrades of Office will have no affect on MSC-LIMS 3.x, greatly simplifying system installation and administration. Neither Microsoft Office nor Microsoft Access is required to run MSC-LIMS 3.0.

Site-specific customizations are now easier to develop and maintain. Version 3.0 isolates customizations and provides "hooks" to add custom features, such as newly dedicated screen real estate for custom fields, replaceable system reports, and event models to alter standard system behavior or add unique business rules. System administrators can use these streamlined capabilities to apply future MSC-LIMS version updates without reapplying customizations.

Automatic updates allow system administrators to distribute updated MSC-LIMS software to all LIMS workstations. To maintain workstation stability in environments with a locked down Windows registry and to enable user-specific roaming settings in Terminal Services or Citrix installations, workstation configuration settings are now saved in XML files instead of the problematic Windows registry.

MSC-LIMS is a complete laboratory information management system designed for small to mid-sized labs. For nearly a decade, MSC-LIMS has helped environmental, food testing, and petrochemical laboratories maintain well organized, secure, instantly accessible and easily reported lab data.

Prices start at $500 per user per year for MSC-LIMS' Annual Subscription License. A detailed price list, all product literature, and downloadable MSC-LIMS Demo, MSC-LIMS Report Viewer, example reports, and Excel report examples, are available at

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