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MSC-LIMS Annual Subscription License Now Available

JACKSON, Wyoming - September 1, 2001 - Mountain States Consulting, LLC, announces a new Annual Subscription license for its laboratory information management system (LIMS). Now, lab managers can use this affordable method to introduce advanced LIMS technology to their labs, without committing the initial cost of a traditional full system license.

The new MSC-LIMS Annual Subscription license is an ideal low-cost and low-risk solution for labs with requirements satisfied by MSC-LIMS "out of the box." The Annual Subscription provides a license to run a complete non-source code version of MSC-LIMS, and unlimited technical support, for the subscription year. On-site installation and training is recommended but not mandatory.

Single- or multiple-user Annual Subscription Licenses are available, and labs may continue to renew their Subscription annually - see the Price List for further details.

MSC-LIMS is also available under Full System license, which includes all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code. The Full System license is appropriate when customizing the system is important. Technical support and version updates are included with the Full System license as well. Eventual upgrade is simple - see Amortize Costs Using the Annual Subscription for strategies to extend costs over several years by beginning with an Annual Subscription license and upgrading later to a Full System license.

MSC-LIMS provides sample tracking, scheduling, and warning, quality control samples and control charts, method development, instrument and procedure lists and calendars, and employee training and certification records. MSC-LIMS also includes barcoding capabilities, bench sheet, work sheet and chain-of-custody generation, data access security roles, and EPA audit trail.

Minimum system requirements are a Pentium 233 MHz Processor running Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, 32MB RAM, and 800 x 600 small font resolution monitor. MSC-LIMS can be installed on a single PC or in a multi-user configuration for small workgroups.

Founded in 1986, Mountain States Consulting, LLC is devoted to supporting and enhancing MSC-LIMS, its Windows-based laboratory information management system, and to helping its clients successfully implement the system.

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