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MSC-LIMS Overview

MSC-LIMS is a flexible, powerful, secure and stable GALP-compliant laboratory information management system designed for small to mid-sized labs. Current MSC-LIMS installations include water/wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing and petrochemical applications.

Maintaining well organized, secure, instantly accessible and easily reported laboratory data are just a few of MSC-LIMS' benefits. MSC-LIMS will also help:

Addressing the Needs of Small Labs

MSC-LIMS allows even the smallest lab to realize the benefits of LIMS automation. Start with a single-user version and upgrade to a multi-user version as your lab's needs change or your budget allows.

The smallest labs on the tightest budgets can purchase an Annual Subscription license, which is a non-source code license. At $500 per user per year for the Access version or $750 per user per year for the SQL Server version, this is an ideal low-cost low-risk solution when MSC-LIMS meets your lab's needs "out of the box."

The Full System license is appropriate when the ability to customize the system is an important requirement. This licensing option includes all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code fully accessible for on-site customizing with Microsoft Access® 2010. Full System license prices start at $8500. See the Price List for details.

MSC-LIMS Components

Every MSC-LIMS license includes all of the components listed below. Use the following links for an overview of each component.

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