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MSC-LIMS Messaging

MSC-LIMS Messaging is an optional component of the MSC-LIMS product. Using MSC-LIMS Messaging, sample information can be sent automatically via email, fax, etc. when a sample is logged or completed. MSC-LIMS Messaging includes a number of message styles ranging from plain text to attached files in rich text, PDF, Excel, HTML, and XML formats. Any number of message recipients can be defined by configuring MSC-LIMS' customers and projects.

MSC-LIMS Messaging can also be used to implement business-to-business electronic data transfer. MSC-LIMS Messaging supports eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data format, which has quickly become the standard for electronic data interchange. MSC-LIMS Messaging also supports eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT).

To use MSC-LIMS Messaging, a single workstation acts as the messaging agent. The messaging workstation uses Microsoft's Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) software and MAPI-compliant transport providers to deliver messages via email, fax, etc. When messaging is enabled, the MSC-LIMS software uses its sample event model to initiate messages. During a sample login or completion event, MSC-LIMS reviews the sample's project and, if applicable, the sample's customer messaging options. If there are messages to send, MSC-LIMS adds an appropriate entry (or entries) to the message queue. The workstation running the MSC-LIMS Messaging software periodically scans the message queue for new entries. When a new entry is found, the messaging software creates the new message using the entry's message style and dispatches the message using the appropriate MAPI transport provider (see the MSC-LIMS Messaging screen below).

MSC-LIMS Messaging screen
MSC-LIMS Messaging screen. Click to view larger image.

The MSC-LIMS Messaging software is easily customized. Additional message styles can be added to create messages in specific formats or to create attachment data files in additional formats for electronic data deliverables.

MSC-LIMS and MSC-LIMS Messaging were developed using Microsoft Access 2010. MSC-LIMS can be installed on a single PC or in a multi-user configuration for small workgroups. MSC-LIMS Messaging can be installed on an MSC-LIMS workstation or on any workstation with access to the MSC-LIMS back end database.

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