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Frequently Asked Questions about MSC's Services

What services are included in the annual maintenance agreement for Technical Support?

Both Full System and Annual Subscription licenses include annual Technical Support and Version Updates. Technical support includes but is not limited to telephone support, fax and email correspondence, report and spreadsheet templates and examples, code excerpts and other technical assistance. Version updates include minor updates with new features and bug fixes. Major upgrades such as upgrades to a newer version of Microsoft Access are also included.

In essence, technical support provides whatever services are required for a successful implementation of MSC-LIMS.

What is the cost for support?

The first year's annual support is included with the initial purchase of either a Full System or Annual Subscription license. For the Full System license, technical support may be renewed annually, and cost is based upon the number of licensed users (see Price list). For the Annual Subscription, technical support is part of the year's subscription price, again based upon the number of licensed users.

Is there a guaranteed response time for support requests?

With our standard annual maintenance agreement, under ordinary circumstances we provide 24-hour response during normal business hours for all technical support requests.

Do you include a warranty?

Yes. MSC will fix any know problem in the MSC-LIMS software. Most fixes are emailed as soon as they are available and they are also posted to the web site's file library. All fixes are then incorporated in the next version update.

What services are included in on-site installation and training?

We offer two- and three-day on-site installation and training visits. System installation, which normally takes only a few hours, includes software installation on each workstation, setup of optional workstation barcode hardware and file server configuration.

Following system installation, 75 percent of the remaining time is devoted to "LIMS Administrator" training including system configuration and administration. The final half-day of training is normally reserved for operator training, and covers the daily tasks of sample login, results entry, and report generation.

Do you provide programming services?

MSC's programmers are available as needed to assist your lab in fully utilizing MSC-LIMS. Potential projects include importing and integrating existing historic data from other systems into MSC-LIMS, importing lab instrument data, Full System customization design and implementation, creating new Excel forms, writing task-specific VBA code, and others. Refer to the Price list for current hourly rates for Customization/ Consulting Services.

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