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Frequently Asked Questions about Importing Historic Data into MSC-LIMS

Can our old electronic data be integrated into MSC-LIMS?

Most likely it can. MSC-LIMS has consistently been called upon to ingest historic data, and make it available for reporting and trending analyses with current LIMS data.

What sort of sample data can be loaded into the LIMS?

We have performed data conversions to preload the MSC-LIMS database with historical data from: other existing LIMS, sample tracking systems, and even collections of monthly Excel spreadsheets. However, only data that can be massaged to fit the MSC-LIMS model can be converted.

The extent to which your data can be converted will depend on its organization and structure. MSC's programmers can make a determination if you provide additional information. Refer to the Price list for current hourly rates for Customization/Consulting Services.

Can other electronic data be loaded into the LIMS?

Yes, other data such as customer lists are easily loaded into the LIMS.

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