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Frequently Asked Questions about MSC-LIMS Reports

Can we retain our existing Excel report formats?

Yes, MSC-LIMS' unique integrated Excel interface allows you to leverage your existing reports, by presenting your LIMS data in your preferred Excel report formats.

See MSC-LIMS is The Solution for the benefits of enhancing your Excel reports using the data management possibilities of MSC-LIMS. See "LIMS Fits Labs", a published case study article documenting the process.

If you simply prefer Excel to the predefined MSC-LIMS reports, you may design new Excel reports to present LIMS data. Alternatively, our programmers can assist you with Excel programming to enhance your MSC-LIMS. For an in-depth look at the process of converting Excel reports to templates for use with MSC-LIMS, see "Macro Magic."

What built-in reports are included with MSC-LIMS?

There are numerous system reports in each module including sample tracking, sample summary, sample exceptions, system configuration, analyte comparison, work order, work sheet, bench sheet, audit trail, QC data, sample/analysis count, invoices, instrument calibration, etc. See the MSC-LIMS Demo for examples.

Does the system include statistical analysis and graphing capabilities?

Yes. The system supports basic statistics, trend graphs, and control charts. Additional statistical analysis and graphing are easily accomplished using the Excel interface.

Can I create custom reports?

Yes, and there are several ways to do this. The user-defined report (UDR) facility can be used to create tabular-style reports with sample characteristics, analysis results, formulas, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) expressions.

The Excel interface can be used to create custom reports from LIMS data. Excel's subtotal, outline, pivot table, and chart features offer options for reporting LIMS data.

Full System licensees can also develop custom LIMS reports using the Access report generator.

Can I create a custom report for my State's environmental monitoring program?

Yes. These reports are easily created using MSC-LIMS' Excel interface. Example NPDES discharge monitoring reports are available.

Can I change the layout of the barcode labels?

Yes. MSC-LIMS is delivered with Default and Environmental label styles. Full System licensees can add new label styles through a simple customization.

Can I use third-party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports?

Although knowledge of the MSC-LIMS database model is required, third-party reporting tools can be used to create custom reports. Any tool that will work with an Access or ODBC data source can be used.

Can I email LIMS reports to clients?

Yes. Any LIMS report can be emailed using the Send toolbar button in the report preview window. Reports can be emailed in HTML, Excel, text, rich text, and PDF formats. MSC-LIMS Messaging can also be used to automatically email and fax sample data in real-time when samples are logged and/or completed.

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