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Frequently Asked Questions about MSC-LIMS Features

Where can I find detailed information about all the system's Features?

Extensive information is provided for your convenience on Visit the system Overview and Components pages for detailed descriptions of MSC-LIMS benefits and features.

What types of analysis results are supported?

An MSC-LIMS analysis result is either a single floating point value, a user-defined result type (e.g. Pass, Fail, Test Beyond Parameters, Non-detect, etc.), or a combination of result type and value (e.g. < 5).

Is there a limit to the number of analyses for a single sample?

No, there is no limit to the number of analyses per sample. The database model uses a one-to-many relationship where one sample can have any number of analyses.

Will MSC-LIMS handle my sample processing volume?

As an all-Access application, MSC-LIMS is designed to be an affordable solution for small labs. MSC-LIMS is available in both single-user and multi-user versions for small workgroups of up to twenty concurrent users. MSC-LIMS is suitable for labs processing up to 75,000 samples per year and up to 300,000 analyses per year.

Can LIMS data be archived?

Yes. Using MSC-LIMS Archiving data can be moved from the production database to a read-only archive database. The MSC-LIMS front end software can attach an archive database so the full complement of screens, queries, reports, etc. can be used with archived data. The only limitation is that data in the production and archive databases can not be combined into a single LIMS report. However, the Excel interface could be used to combine data from production and archive databases if necessary.

Is an instrument interface included?

MSC-LIMS' Excel interface can be used to import any instrument data that can be imported into Excel. We can provide Excel templates for many instruments including GC, MS, ICP, Dupont Qualicon's BAX, 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader, hand-held PCs, balances, etc. See answers to frequently asked questions about Lab Instruments

Does the system maintain an audit trail?

Yes, MSC-LIMS includes an integrated audit trail. Result value changes, analysis deletions and sample deletions all trigger an audit trail event which require the user to enter a reason for the action. The reasons, action, user login name, date and time, result value before and after, etc. are all logged to the audit trail. Audit trail data can be queried, reported, and appended to analysis results in the Sample Summary report.

What type of security control is used?

Access to MSC-LIMS is controlled by security roles, which are used to restrict access to all system data and database objects including forms, reports, and software code. The LIMS administrator assigns user login accounts to one of four security roles - ReadOnly, Samplers, Technicians, and Administrators - each having different system privileges. Users log on to the system using their login name and password, and are automatically allowed access into only those system functions appropriate to their security role.

Does the system include statistical analysis and graphing capabilities?

Yes. The system supports basic statistics, trend graphs, and control charts. Additional statistical analysis and graphing are easily accomplished using the Excel interface. Read more answer to questions about system Reports.

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