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MSC-LIMS Evaluation Guide

We understand your time is valuable and evaluating a product such as MSC-LIMS can be time consuming. We developed this guide to help you evaluate MSC-LIMS quickly and efficiently. The steps below outline our recommended strategy to evaluate MSC-LIMS' suitability for your lab. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during your evaluation.

Step 1: Review Web Site Literature

For a good overview of MSC-LIMS, we recommend you view or print the following pages:

Step 2: Review the MSC-LIMS Demo

The MSC-LIMS Demo offers a self-guided tour of MSC-LIMS with descriptions and examples of many system screens and reports.

Step 3: Schedule a Remote Demo

After you have downloaded and reviewed the MSC-LIMS Demo, you may want to see the actual system to learn more about MSC-LIMS' capabilities. Using a workstation with an Internet connection and the VNC Viewer software, you can connect to one of our systems for a guided tour of the complete system. Just download the VNC Viewer for Windows and give us a call to schedule a remote demo. During the remote demo we can discuss and demonstrate your specific requirements in detail.

Step 4: Talk to MSC-LIMS Users

By now you will have a good overview of MSC-LIMS' capabilities and we will have discussed the system's suitability for your lab. Give us a call and ask for references. We'll provide contact information for current MSC-LIMS users. We prefer that you postpone your request for references until this step so that we do not unnecessarily impose on our customers.

Step 5: Use a Single-User Annual Subscription as a Trial

If you need more time for your evaluation or you prefer to work with the actual system, we suggest you consider a single-user annual subscription as a trial. For $500, you can install and evaluate a complete current single-user version of MSC-LIMS, including unlimited technical support for one year. See the Price List for details.

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