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What Users Are Saying About MSC-LIMS

"It is refreshing to work with you. The LIMS you have created can be intimidating at first, but once you understand the structure it becomes very intuitive. ... Simplicity is the hardest thing you will ever achieve. However, once achieved, there is an inherent beauty in something's simplicity. I feel you have come pretty close to achieving that level of simplicity with this LIMS."
— G.W., Texas

"Thank you so much for taking the time to assist [us] today as [we] upgraded to MSC-LIMS 4. What amazing changes! I love the look and feel. Really liking the update so far."
— A.M., Virginia

"We like the software and you have always been responsive in answering our phone calls and emails. Thanks."
— T.I., Virginia

"I remain impressed with your service. Thanks!"
— D.S., Virginia

"I am extremely pleased with MSC-LIMS. [The new lab person] started in March. I did not bother explaining to her how we did things but made her start with LIMS. To my surprise, she learned the system in a few days... Thanks!"
— T.L., Pennsylvania

"We just had the 1st anniversary of MSC-LIMS live! Overall we are very pleased, and the techs say they don't know what we ever did without it. Thank you for all of your help."
— S.F., Minnesota

"I would like to note the exceptional customer service we receive from [MSC]. I deal on a regular basis with numerous support people for different products we use in the lab. MSC is in a league of their own compared to what I normally deal with. Not only are they very helpful with any problems we have ever had in implementing the system fully...their response time is exceptional and they usually have the solution to anything we ask within a day. This level of customer service is to me a selling point for MSC-LIMS."
— T.O., Alberta

"I just wanted to let you know how well our MSC-LIMS software is working. The time I've spent training my staff seems so minimal when I compare it with the time needed with our last system. The time my clerk saves in data entry can now be spent on other tasks to assist me. In short, I couldn't be happier."
— J.B., Illinois

"We had an EPA audit the other day and [the auditor] seemed very pleased with the LIMS, especially the audit trails and password security. My favorite thing is the pop up calendar, which I take the opportunity to show to everyone! ... [We] received our biggest project today. I think this is where our new LIMS will really shine. It made the login go very fast."
— K.R., Montana

"To attract and retain a high quality staff I believe we must create a positive working environment and provide our employees with the tools they need to be successful. MSC-LIMS has been one of the most valuable tools we have provided... [Our lab] and MSC share the goal of developing long term rather than one-time relationships. Having to go through a "help desk" or "remain on the line for the next..." is not something I want to experience when my system is not up to par. [MSC] has always been accessible and willing to help us through any problem, be it hardware or software."
— P.E., Indiana

"MSC-LIMS has become a very beneficial aspect of our laboratory operations. [Its] real time savings are both tangible and intangible. ... The Excel interface has become a very handy option for us in regards to transfer of data from MSC-LIMS to Excel spreadsheets/templates."
— O.A., South Dakota

"MSC-LIMS is still drawing excellent reviews from all public works personnel - Thank you!"
— A.M., Illinois

"The system is much more user friendly, with a [Windows] interface, than the old Paradox system which had a linear DOS interface. ... We now have an excellent technical service resource. ... Because of the efforts of MSC, the system continues to evolve and improve."
— R.W., Alabama

"I want to say Thank You ... for all the time and effort in putting forth a quality product and standing behind it 200% to continue to improve on an already good product. Thanks."
— T.N., Kansas

"We have found the many new features of [MSC-LIMS version 2.0] to be very useful. We are well into the process of updating our analytical reports in the formats we like by using the Excel interface and appropriate Visual Basic routines."
— L.A., Illinois

"I have looked at some good products and some lemons and, I feel that your product is the most user-friendly so far. I especially like the ease of designing custom reports."
— M.B., Virginia

"You're doing a great job on training a bunch of rookies."
— K.C., Indiana

"I am working on LIMS when I have time. I wish I had more time because I really love working with it! I have gotten [the Excel] billing template to work! How slick - this should reduce or nearly eliminate any data handling errors for us. This template will also work for 3 other industries - I just save as something different."
— P.L., Ohio

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