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Articles and Case Studies

Meeting the Need for Speed
Food Quality (April/May 2005)
Case study summary: One leading North American food producer's Microbiology Lab brought Dupont Qualicon's BAX® testing system on-line. Manually entering duplicate sample data in both the BAX and their LIMS was an onerous job, until they found that MSC-LIMS has a built-in solution: using MSC-LIMS' unique Excel interface, "middle-ware" templates automatically import sample data to the BAX, and then copy BAX test results to sample records in MSC-LIMS. Duplicate data entry is eliminated.

Off-the-Shelf System Tackles Monitoring, Reporting Needs
Water World (March 2005)
Case study summary: A facility operations management company inherited extensive water and wastewater facilities. Their fixed-price contract required collecting field data throughout an expansive public recreation facility, and preparing numerous monthly reports. The article describes how they implemented a cost- and manpower-efficient data collection and management system by selecting inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and software, and tying it all together with a simple Excel interface.

LIMS Fits Labs
Food Quality (Feb/March 2005)
Case study summary: A contract microbiology lab dedicated to the food industry relied on an enormous collection of Excel templates for its reports. Using MSC-LIMS's unique Excel interface, they integrated their LIMS data with their existing report formats. The article describes their search for an appropriate LIMS, the process of integration, benefits of eliminating duplicate data entry, and the advantages to staff and customers in maintaining familiar report formats.

Macro Magic
Water Environment & Technology (September 2004)
Macros allow you to integrate existing Excel reports with a new information system. Dedicated users of MSC-LIMS will recognize the essence of the article, published by the Water Environment Federation®. Penned by MSC's Rick Collard, the article describes using macros to integrate existing Excel reports with a new information system. Using easy-to-follow instructions and screen captures at each step, the reader learns how simple it is to integrate new data with existing Excel workbooks.

Do-It-Yourself Automated Mass Readings
Water Environment Laboratory Solutions (June/July, 2004)
The front page of the Water Environment Federation's® journal is dedicated entirely to an article by MSC's Rick Collard. The article describes how lab personnel can interface standard lab instruments with an Excel spreadsheet. Using A&D Weighing and Mettler Toledo balances as example instruments, step-by-step instructions describe reading the balance data directly into the designated spreadsheet cell. With screen captures at each step, the article encourages even the skittish to streamline their data entry processes.

A Small Lab Develops A Laboratory Information Management System
Water Online Times (December 1996)
One small water/wastewater lab's experiences developing a custom LIMS, which became the basis for MSC-LIMS.

Mini LIMS For Small Labs
Environmental Testing & Analysis, September 1996
A small lab's unsuccessful search for an affordable LIMS leads to a custom system.

A Laboratory Data Management System For The Small Lab
American Environmental Laboratory, June 1996
An end-user's account of an early implementation of MSC-LIMS in a two-person municipal water/wastewater lab.


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