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MSC-LIMS Archiving

MSC-LIMS Archiving is an optional component of the MSC-LIMS product used to move older sample data from the production database to a special MSC-LIMS archive database. Depending on the volume of data produced by the lab, it is not uncommon for a site to keep five or more year's worth of data online in the production database. Sites with a larger volume of data may decide to periodically archive older data to keep the production database small and efficient.

When MSC-LIMS Archiving is started, the system counts the number of completed samples in both the archive and production databases. The main archive screen lists the sample counts sorted by week ending date. Selecting the week(s) to be archived and clicking the [Archive] button is all that is required to archive sample data.

Whenever archived data must be accessed, simply use File | Open LIMS Database in the MSC-LIMS software to select an archive database. All MSC-LIMS screens, queries, system reports, user-defined reports, and Excel templates can be used with archived data. However, the archive database is read-only so no changes are allowed when accessing archived data.



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