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laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Welcome to, the information site for MSC-LIMS, an affordable Windows-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) for small to mid-sized laboratories. is your source for ...

An affordable LIMS. MSC-LIMS license options range from the low-cost annual subscription license, up to the customizable full-system license. All licenses are available for single or multiple users. See our Price List for details.

A LIMS to enhance your existing lab operations. MSC-LIMS' unique Excel interface lets you use your existing spreadsheets to report LIMS data. MSC-LIMS can also interface with your lab instruments and hand-held field-testing equipment. Discover for yourself why MSC-LIMS is the Solution.

A LIMS with a proven track record. MSC-LIMS has been successfully implemented in water, wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing and petrochemical applications since 1995. Customizations are fully supported. See our product Benefits.

A LIMS backed by exemplary customer service. Each MSC-LIMS license includes a full year of unlimited technical support by phone, fax or email. Optional on-site installation and training is available, or use MSC-LIMS' self-guided Quick Start to learn at your own pace. Read Customer Comments.







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MSC-LIMS in the News

13-Dec-18 MSC-LIMS Advances to SQL Server with Version 5.0  

10-Dec-15 MSC-LIMS Version 4.1 Refines Automated Messaging  

01-Apr-15 MSC-LIMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary  

01-Jan-13 MSC-LIMS Version 4.0 Features New Report Export Options  

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What Users are Saying

"Thank you so much for taking the time to assist [us] today as [we] upgraded to MSC-LIMS 4. What amazing changes! I love the look and feel. Really liking the update so far."
— A.M., Virginia

"I am extremely pleased with MSC-LIMS. [The new lab person] started in March. I did not bother explaining to her how we did things but made her start with LIMS. To my surprise, she learned the system in a few days... Thanks!"
— T.L., Pennsylvania

"We just had the 1st anniversary of MSC-LIMS live! Overall we are very pleased, and the techs say they don't know what we ever did without it. Thank you for all of your help."
— S.F., Minnesota

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