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To download articles, product literature or other files, select the appropriate file from the table below. Use your web browser's "save to disk" feature to save the download file to your hard drive. After the file has been saved to your hard drive, double-click the file within Windows Explorer to open.

Product Literature, Articles and Case Studies, Software License Agreement

Check the table below for downloadable Product Literature, Articles and Case Studies, and a sample Software License Agreement, all available in PDF format. Alternatively, see Product Literature on-line under Overview and PDF Literature, and read article summaries under Articles.

VNC Viewer for Windows

After you have reviewed the MSC-LIMS Demo, you may want to see the actual system to learn more about MSC-LIMS' capabilities. Using a workstation with an Internet connection and the VNC Viewer software, you can connect to one of our systems for a guided tour of the complete system. Just download the VNC Viewer for Windows and contact us to schedule a remote demo. See below for contact information. When you run the VNC Viewer, it simply prompts for the server to connect to. Here you will enter the IP address we supply at the time we connect for the demo. Your workstation will need a minimum 1024 by 768 screen resolution to see the MSC-LIMS screens properly. The VNC (Virtual Network Computing) Viewer is freely distributable software developed by AT&T Cambridge Laboratories.

Description Download File File Size
PDF Product Literature MSC-LIMS is the Solution.pdf
MSC-LIMS Product Summary.pdf
MSC-LIMS Price List.pdf
MSC-LIMS Checklist.pdf
171 KB
404 KB
414 KB
304 KB
Articles and Case Studies Meeting the Need for Speed
LIMS Fits Labs
Off-the-Shelf System Tackles Monitoring, Reporting Needs
Macro Magic.pdf
Do-It-Yourself Automated Mass Readings.pdf
363 KB
85 KB
338 KB
640 KB
380 KB
MSC Software License Agreement MSCSoftwareLicenseAgreement.pdf 28 KB
VNC Viewer for Windows VNCviewer.exe 172 KB

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