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Welcome to a demonstration of MSC-LIMS version 4.0, Mountain States Consulting, LLC's laboratory information management system for small to mid-sized labs. This demo provides a self-guided tour of the system using a series of screen captures. Explore the system's capabilities and view example reports using the main menu and Excel interface links below. Use the ← Previous and Next → buttons to navigate through screen sequences. Click any MSC-LIMS screen or report image in the demo to view a larger image.

Main Menu

The MSC-LIMS Main Menu organizes the system into six menus represented by the tabs in the image below. Use the links above to explore each menu.

MSC-LIMS Main Menu

Excel Interface

MSC-LIMS includes an integrated Microsoft Excel interface to export and import data to and from Excel workbooks. See the Excel Interface for an overview.

MSC-LIMS Screen Colors

To maintain accessibility under Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, MSC-LIMS uses a color scheme that is derived from Windows' system colors. Every screen element including buttons, captions, fields, and titles uses a specific Windows screen attribute to derive its color. MSC-LIMS screen colors can be altered using Windows' Window Color and Appearance Dialog. In Windows 7, color and appearance are easily altered using predefined and custom themes. All screens in this demo were captured on a Windows 7 system using the Windows 7 Basic theme.

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