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Admin Menu

Below are other options included on the Admin menu.

Change Password

Members of the Admins security role can use this option to change the password of any user. Non-Admins can use this option to change their password.

Compact LimsData

Members of the Admins security role use this option to periodically compact the LIMS databae to verify the integrity of the database, remove disk file fragmentation, and restore optimal performance.

Install Version Update

MSC-LIMS Full System licensees use this option to install a version update following the instructions provided with the update software.

Restore Window Size

MSC-LIMS screens require a minimum 1024 by 768 size to display screens properly without truncating. If you have altered the size of the MSC-LIMS window, use this option to restore the size and position of the window to the settings used when MSC-LIMS was started.

View Current Users

This option allows members of the Admins secrity role to view a list of users currently logged on to the system. In a multi-user environment, use this feature prior to archiving, compacting, copying or backup up, or whenever exclusive control of the LIMS database is necessary.

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