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Other Screens

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Edit Analysis Costs

Use this creen to edit default and customer analysis costs and to apply a multiplier to adjust all default or customer analysis costs. This screen provides access to the same cost data available on the Analyses and Customers screens.

Edit Sample Costs

Correct analysis costs for completed samples. Use this screen for example, to correct cost data in a number of samples that were completed before a cost adjustment was made to a specific analysis. Edit costs for a single sample or change the cost for a single analysis across multiple samples.

Error Log

Use this screen to view the system error log. When a system error occurs, a dialog displays the error message and the user is instructed to contact their LIMS administrator. All such messages are automatically saved tot eh error log along with the user's login name, the workstation name, and the date and time the error occurred.


Maintain samplers with this screen. Since an employee is also a sampler, use this screen to add non-employee samplers.

System Permissions

Use this screen to make changes to MSC-LIMS' default security model. For example, alter the permissions on the database's Customer table to allow Technicians to add and edit customer records.

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